What We Need for Andre

An opportunity to make a difference

What is FES?

Functional Electrical Stimulation is a rehabilitation technique where electrical current is applied to an individual with a disability to enhance that person's ability to function and live independently.

      OUR GOAL  $15,000.00

FES is used to stimulate peripheral nerves, the "lower motor neurons" that connect the spinal cord to your muscles.
Stimulating these nerves evokes patterned movement of the legs or the arms.  This is how FES enables your muscles to perform work even though you may have has lost all or some voluntary control of the muscles. With our systems, you also have the ability to stimulate your "core muscles" during your therapy sessions.  These muscles are the erector spinae muscles in your back and your abdominal muscles.  These muscles are important for many activities including posture, transferring, reaching, balance and coughing.



Wheelchair Accessible Van

   OUR GOAL $50,000.00




Standing Frame

   OUR GOAL $2,000.00



Accessible Electronics

Andre will need various adaptations for computers and electronic devices to serve him as he goes home and eventually back to college. 

OUR GOAL $5,000.00